A little bit about me

I am an advocate on issues important to Flint. Let’s move Flint forward together and work for progress on education, insurance, homelessness, and jobs.
If anyone can march forward on these issues, I can.


I was born and raised in Flint, I attended Flint Community schools and began serving my community at a very young age.

At the age of 18, I chose to lend myself to a life of service to my community. I began volunteering on campaigns because I believed that I was a voice in this world that deserved to be heard and could make a difference. I also began to work with youth, to instill that same belief in them.

I have had an opportunity to serve my community at the state level and the city level, I have seen first hand what we need to change and how we can all stand together and make those changes. We need strong visionary leadership, with the experience and knowledge to continue to stand strong and fight against the forces that are coming against our children’s education. That same leadership has to stand for a living wage, affordable insurance and housing for those experiencing homelessness.

My love for my city has lead me to fight on our behalf my whole adult life. I am a true flintstone and I want to see Flint and its residents be the best that it can be.

– – Candice Mushatt